Welcome to Fiber Country

Hello! We’re thrilled to be extending our new fiber-optic
communication system to an area of Wadena county.

Find out now if you’re included!

We’ll get you ultra-fast Internet, phone, and TV fun.


Get your fiber connection.

We bring you the fiber optic line and a world of possibilities opens to you.

Fun Services! Affordable TV,
Internet, & phone

Increase Your Home’s Value by Thousands!

Super-charge your Internet at speeds
of up to 1 Gigabit  (1000 Megabits).

Whether you buy now or not, a fiber optic line at your property is smart!

Like access to other utilities, having a fiber-optic connection
to your home is an opportunity you don’t want to miss.

Here’s the process:

We lay the neighborhood groundwork.

We connect your home to the fiber optics.

You get fun, savings, and home value!

You’ll get a new kind of TV service, phone and ultra-fast Internet delivered right to your door.